We live in a small Illinois town in the St. Louis, Mo metro area and have six rescued dogs that are very spoiled and
"SMUG". One of our favorite things to do is spending time with our dogs and taking them to the many dog events in
the St. Louis area.
We didn't really like any of the "dog stuff" that was available and since our dogs are such a wide variety of sizes
finding things locally that fit them was a virtual impossibility. SO, we began to make our own
CUSTOM "dog stuff"
and our dogs noticed the difference! Soon our friends and family began to make requests for their dogs.
It soon became more than just a fun hobby and we decided to take the next logical step.
"The Smug Mutt" was born!
Our CUSTOM dog stuff, and embroidery is now available to everyone!
We strive to make available what is not always available, FUN, CUSTOM stuff at a reasonable price.
Please read the bio of each Smug Mutt on the
"Meet the Smug Mutts" page to learn more about them, and us.
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"The Smug Mutts" 2013
"The Smug Mutts" 2014